Who We Are




ULODA stands for standards?!

It also stands for Uttlesford Licensed Operators & Drivers Association.

ULODA was founded in 2004 when four operators from different sectors of the trade were invited by the then Licensing Officer to hold a public meeting at the council offices in Great Dunmow in order to set up the trade association and invite all operators, proprietors and drivers to discuss its aims and objectives and appoint its first committee.  The Licensing Officer wanted a body (or four bodies to be precise!) with whom he could communicate on matters of shared common or specific individual interest, and ULODA was born!   Its first officials were James Raynham (Secretary), Kevin Cordall (Treasurer), Tim Collis (Vice Chair) and Barry Drinkwater (Chair).

We opened for business in March 2004 with a letterhead and announced ourselves as being truly

Open to ALL Licensed Operators and Drivers in the Uttlesford District Council community

ULODA stands for standards

*  standards of governance

–  we have always had a set of rules and a constitution to help us set the best and proper principles for ourselves as officials and our members in the trade and for our relationships with councillors and officers, and abide by them

*  standards of conduct

–  we have always supported the law and local byelaws which regulate the trade:
   we may question and challenge them in a constructive way, but they are there to be upheld and we contribute extensively to the council’s policies and practices

*  standards of service

–  we are proud of the high standards of service our members provide to our customers, members of the travelling public, and we take action against any who choose not to put customers first with any reason to complain about the quality of service they receive

*  standards of behaviour

–  we are committed to ensuring that we as officials and our members behave reasonably, professionally and calmly in all our dealings with each other, with our customers and with councillors and officers of the council and its partner agencies